Welcome to Physics C

About Physics C

In AP Physics C, we’ll study physics at a level typical of first-year college science and engineering majors. The course is mathematically rigorous and some knowledge of calculus is required. I understand that some of you are just starting your study of calculus, so I will work with you on this.

The course is broken down into two major areas: mechanics and electricity and magnetism. So roll up your sleeves and engage your imagination...here come Physics C!

Dr. B.


Expect to participate in class. You’ll be given a class work packet at the beginning of each unit, and you’ll turn in the packet for a grade when you take the exam. In order to keep from assigning a ridiculous amount of homework, your physics teacher expects you to work a lot of problems in class! These problems will serve as a guide when you do your homework.
Expect an average of 30-45 minutes of homework each day. Daily homework assignments are posted on the Physics C web site calendar, and are due the next day unless otherwise specified. Your homework grade will be largely determined by performance on bi-weekly homework quizzes. Typically, a short reading assignment and three problems will be assigned each day, although there will be an occasional problem handed out in class instead. If you need help with your homework, Dr. B. will be available to assist you beginning at 7:00 AM.

Laboratories About 20 percent of your instructional time will be spent in laboratory. In addition to your nightly homework, you should expect to write a lab report (or a partial lab report) every week or two. You are required to pay a $20.00 lab fee to be in this course.

Materials You will need two looseleaf binders (one for labs and one for classwork), one bound lab book (available at the school bookstore for $4.00), a calculator, a protractor, a metric ruler, and a supply of looseleaf and graph paper.

GradingA typical unit of study will take 3-4 weeks, and will include class work, homework, labs, and an exam. Your grade will consist of, in roughly equal measure, participation (class and homework), laboratory, and exams.

The AP Examination In May, you will have an opportunity to take one or both 90-minute AP Examinations for the C-level course, one in mechanics and one in E&M. Successful completion of each exam with a score of 3 or above is worth one semester’s credit at many colleges and universities. You are strongly encouraged to take this exam.