Physics Bowl

In 2010, ten students from Physics B and ten from Physics C were selected to compete in the AAPT Physics Bowl, a competition that occurs each April. Of those ten students, the highest five Physics B scores collectively captured the regional second place award for Division I, and the highest five Physics C scores earned a first place in the region for Division II. Additionally, ORHS is proud that we had two first place individual regional winners. Congratulations! 

The top scoring students whose scores resulted in Oak Ridge’s success were, in alphabetical order:

Division I

Matthew Reat (1st regional)

David Evans

Samuel Worley

Gloria D'Azevedo

Chris Ludka

Division II

Sam Snodgrass (1st regional)

Leon Zhang

Patrick Tae

Carlos Del Castillo Negrete

Ben Terpstra


Complete results from the 2010 Physics Bowl, as well as those from previous years, can be seen on the AAPT Physics Bowl web site.